The Boat (Scubatyme III)

The Vessel:

Scubatyme III is a United States Coast Guard inspected vessel and accommodates up to 24 divers. The boat is a Newton 36' Dive Special Custom manufactured by Newton Dive Boats in Slidell, Louisiana. It is 36 foot length overall and boasts a 15 foot beam with a ample water level entry platform and a wide custom aluminum ladder: easy to jump in easy to come out!

The Amenities:

Scubatyme III always has all the amenities that have contributed to our ever-growing popularity. It has dual fresh water showers, an enclosed head and changing room. There also is plenty of deck space so you never feel crowded. We provide major brand sodas and pineapple as well as a variety of popular snacks. Of course there is always always a five gallons cooler filled with bottled fresh water. Storage for cameras, spear guns, and lobster gear.

Your Safety:

As a certified vessel, Scubatyme III meets the entire USCG safety requirement, as life preservers, life raft, a Rescue Beacon, First Aid Kit and more. However Scubatyme III exceed the USCG requirement carrying on board an emergency oxygen Unit and a lifesaving Automatic defibrillator device (AED). The entire Scubatyme crew is certified in CPR and in the use of these AED devices. We want you have fun, but we primarily want to keep you safe!

Scubatyme Charters

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One factor contributing greatly to the rapid expansion of Scubatyme is the service offered onboard. From the time you arrive to the dock, until the moment you leave it, you will be pampered as only our certified professionals can do. On arrival, our experienced crew will welcome you to the boat, will have you filling up your paperwork and will load your tanks on board and finally make sure that your gear is safely brought on board the vessel. The experienced Mates will make also sure that your equipment is assembled properly, and that excess baggage is stowed away securely. Prior to departure, you can expect the Captain to deliver a detailed brief to familiarize you with all the amenities on board the Scubatyme vessel. On arrival at the dive site, you'll receive information about the dive, including the history of the reef or wreck, diving conditions and maximum dive times. Between dives, you can enjoy complimentary snacks and refreshments while, if you like it or you just need help, the Mate changes over your tanks. On arrival at the dock, the crew will help you disembark with your gear. It's a great way to spend the day.