Scuba Diving Classes (Aboard Scubatyme III)

Adam Nardelli of Scubatyme

Your Instructor - Adam Nardelli

Adam Nardelli a PADI Scuba instructor. He has been diving for over 13 years. He is also facinated by the ocean realm and has a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Tampa. His newest passion is getting his Master of Science degree at the Nova Southeastern Oceanographic Center where he is learning how to control the current invasion of the Indo-Pacific Red Lionfish which has been plagueing this side of the hemisphere of late. He also works as a dive master aboard Scubatyme diver on weekdays.

Learn how to Scuba Dive:

Open Water: Entry level diver certification course. At the end of this course, you will have developed self-confidence having adapted to overcome things that may not feel familiar in a new watery world. The goal is to get your feet wet, literally. You’ll develop safe diving practices with respect to yourself, your buddy and the environment. By the end, you will have become a self-sufficient and knowledgeable certified open water diver.

Advanced Open Water Diver: So you’ve been blowing bubbles for a while and now think that it’s time to take your dive skills to the next challenge. Ever wanted to take underwater photos, visit a sunken wreck or learn the about the ecology of the reef? After you’ve stirred the water try diving from the perspective of different environments. This course is not as class room consumed as the Open Water. Basically, it get’s you out there so that you’ll get to just dive and have fun practicing new skills.

Rescue Diver: This course if designed to make you a competent diver expanding on what you have already learned to prevent problems and manage them if they occur. This course is both demanding and rewarding as you will overcome challenges to increase your confidence through role playing and practice scenarios. Topics will include

  • Diver first aid and CPR
  • Self rescue
  • Recognizing and managing stress in other divers
  • Emergency management and equipment
  • Rescuing panicked divers
  • Rescuing unresponsive diver

Wreck Diver: If you were ever hooked on old mariner stories of ships lost at sea, and have an interest in sunken history then this course if for you. South Florida is a hot spot for diving wrecks in warm, tropical water. Some are deep in about 130 feet of water, while others are shallow. The wrecks are part of the region’s artificial reef program and are teeming with life and adventure. The course orients and equips a diver with the skills to feel comfortable exploring, navigating and penetrating wrecks.

Project Aware Fish Identification: How many times have you come up from a dive and have said to your buddy, “Wow, did you see that little yellow fish clean the mouth of that big, fat fish? What were they?” This course is designed to help familiarize you with the names and some of the behavior and ecology of the fish here in South Florida and the Caribbean. You’ll learn how to identify fish and complete a roving diver survey for REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation). Later, you can upload your sightings on the REEF database and create a life history fish-list.

Deep Diver: After you’ve spent enough time kicking around in the shallows of the reef, you soon want to explore a bit deeper. The deep holds a mystery that attracts divers as both exciting and mysterious. This course is designed to help you learn the skills to safely make those dives and teaches you about the effects of deeper pressure. Techniques include diving in the deeper range of 18-40 meters/ 60-130 feet with deep scuba diving equipment considerations.

Enriched Air Diver: Many divers choose this specialty for the advantage of diving with more no decompression dive time. This means more time underwater, especially on repetitive scuba dives when you use enriched air.

  • Techniques for getting more dive time by using enriched air nitrox
  • Enriched air scuba diving equipment considerations
  • Enriched air considerations, including managing oxygen exposure and setting your dive computer

Digital Underwater Photographer: The advance of digital underwater photography has made it easier and more fun than ever to take underwater photos to show all your land lubber friends your latest adventure. This course help’s you grasp the basics of photography, whether you use a point-and-shoot snap camera or a sophisticated D-SLR like the pros.

SERVICES OFFERED: Professionally-produced DVD starring YOU, along with highlights of your dive trip, to share with friends and family. $65 per diver. Additional DVD copies available for $25.

Dive videos for large groups and special events are also available. Contact us for rates/details.

More specialty courses are offered. Inquire for your particular interest and recommendations to help become a better, more confident diver, and for pricing.