Scuba Diving

Drift diving:

Drift diving is South Florida’s unique claim to fame. If you haven’t done it before, get ready for an exhilarating experience. When you arrive at the designated dive site, the Captain will hold a short brief to familiarize you with the specific characteristics of the reef and the general sea conditions. You and your buddy will then receive a buoy with a dive flag and sufficient line to accompany you to the bottom of the reef. As you begin your descent, you are transported by the current over reefs rich with fish, turtles, lobsters, sponges and corals. While you are enjoying the scenery, the Scubatyme crew is carefully monitoring your position. All you need to remember is to watch your instruments and control your buoyancy so you don’t damage the reef. As you ascend, you will rewind the line attached to your buoy and make your 3 minute safety stop at 15 feet. The crew will pick you up where you have finished your adventure.

Wreck Dives:

The area between Palm Beach and Miami is known as the “Gold Coast” due to the large number of Spanish Galleons that sank off the coast and scattered gold and silver coins along the beaches. The coast is dotted with wrecks, old and new, and at depths to satisfy everyone from the beginner to the expert diver. When the vessel reaches the site, the Divemaster dives to the wreck and ties off a line to facilitate your descent. While the Divemaster is at the bottom doing all the hard work, the Captain will brief you on the wreck, including its history, its current state and noteworthy particularities. When the Divemaster surfaces, you’ll receive an update on the visibility and the sea conditions. Divers descend directly to the wreck along the line. It is also your point of reference for your ascent and makes that 3 minute safety stop at 15 feet even easier.

Night Dives:

The ocean never sleeps and night diving provides a perfect opportunity to see some very unusual creatures who rarely show themselves by the light of day. Like fireworks in the night sky, the colors of the reef are more vivid at night. Add a pinch of tension for the mystery of the dark, and you have a perfect recipe for another unforgettable diving experience. We’ll make you feel as safe and secure as if you were diving by day. On the drift dives, we attach chemical lights to your buoys so we can closely follow your location at all times. In any case, you can be sure your captain will brief you on security for the dive before you enter the water.

Lobster Hunting:

Lobstering in Florida has 2 timeframes. the 2 day mini-season and the 8 month regular season. The mini lobster season is always in July, the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday. It begins at 12:01 am on Wednesday and ends at 12:00 midnight on Thursday. Make sure you check dates and regulations, or just ask us! The regular 8 month lobster season runs August 6 through March 31.


Hunters are welcome aboard Scubatyme charters. However, as a form of respect for the other non-hunters, and most of all for safety purposes, we do not allow spearfishing on any of our wrecks. Too many divers in a small area with guns around may create dangerous situations. There are plenty of fertile hunting grounds available, just ask us and we'll be glad to create a dive specifically for hunting!

Rebreather Diving:

We’re RB friendly! We know RB divers need more time and we give it to them. During RB-only trips, we happily satisfy all diving requests. On mixed trips, we’ll be sure RB divers get a one-hour minimum to enjoy their dive.


Not a diver yet? Don’t let that keep you from missing a great day on Scubatyme. Grab a mask, snorkel and fins and see incomparable views of our beautiful reefs by snorkeling at some of the more shallow dive sites.


There are many great sites for photography and Scubatyme is always prepared for you. We have a camera table and a dedicated rinse bucked just for you. The divemasters will always help you by handing you your camera after you have entered the water.

Guided Tours:

New to diving or just been out of the water for a while? Request a private divemaster to personally setup and inspect your gear, and take you or your party on a guided tour of the scheduled dive sites for the trip. Scubatyme Charters offers this service to our guests for a $75 fee to cover the first two people, and $15 for each additional person in the party.


If you are not a diver but has a friend or relative who is, feel free to come along for a boat ride. You are welcome to watch, sit in the sun and enjoy the ocean.