Chartered Scuba Diving Excursions in Florida

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Wreck Dives

There are over 200 ship wrecks in the area providing homes to some of the largest goliath groupers, beautiful corals, and fish.

Spear Fishing Dives

Our Trips our spearfishing and lobster hunter friendly. Pompano Beach is a premier destination for both spearfishing and lobster. Divers can expect to see a Hog Fish, Snapper, Grouper, as well Spiny, Spanish, and Slipper Lobster. Diver’s must have proper licenses, and adhere to all size and bag limits.

Reef Dives

South Florida is home to the 3rd largest barrier reef system in the world as well as a vast variety of marine life. Our reef dives are perfect for photographers, spearfishing, lobster hunters, or anyone who enjoys the leisurely pace of a drift dive.

Professional Safety

Making sure your dive is a safe excursion is always our first concern. Our team of experienced divers are there to help keep you safe.

Passionate & Knowledgable Team

Our team of dive professionals live to dive. When you are doing what you love you never work a day in your life. We have top tier dive professionals equipped with local knowledge, ready to answer any questions, or guide you to their favorite spots. 

Flexible Scheduling

We dive 7 days a week with trips in the morning and afternoon. We also do night dives by request. For questions about dive sites and/or availability call us at 954-708-4780

About ScubaTyme

When you are passionate about a sport, it’s easy to get people excited about it. On Scubatyme, that’s how the entire crew feels about diving. Diving gives you the opportunity to explore a world that you could only have imagined or seen on TV.

It’s hard to describe the emotion of swimming with a dolphin in the open sea, charming a moray out of his hiding place, spying a school of barracuda on a wreck or coming face-to-face with a shark. SUPER ADRENALINE!


We want to share that passion with you. That’s why the dive professionals on Scubatyme do everything they can to make your day the perfect diving day. Scubatyme: the best crew, the best vessel, the best choice to dive South Florida.

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Scuba Diving Tips & Articles

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What Our Customers Are Saying

    star rating  Expert Crew and Dive Master. Best in South Florida. If you wanna charter a boat to for any kind of dive they should be on your shortlist.

    September 20, 2020

    star rating  My husband and I had a great experience diving with Scubatyme Charters. It was our first solo dives since being certified in September. We felt safe and taken care of.... read more

    February 23, 2020

    star rating  Scubatyme delivered on a great day of diving in South Florida. They were one of two diving companies I used during my vacation (the other being the larger outfit South... read more

    Eben H
    January 1, 2021

Photos from Previous Excursions

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