About Scubatyme Scuba Charters

When you are passionate about a sport, it’s easy to get people excited about it. On Scubatyme, that’s how the entire crew feels about diving. Diving gives you the opportunity to explore a world that you could only have imagined or seen on TV. It’s hard to describe the emotion of swimming with a dolphin in the open sea, charming a moray out of his hiding place, spying a school of barracuda on a wreck or coming face-to-face with a shark. SUPER ADRENALINE!

We want to share that passion with you. That’s why the dive professionals on Scubatyme do everything they can to make your day the perfect diving day. Scubatyme: the best crew, the best vessel, the best choice to dive South Florida.


One factor contributing greatly to the rapid expansion of Scubatyme is the service offered onboard. From the time you arrive, until the moment you leave the vessel, you will pampered as only our certified professionals can do. On arrival, our experienced Mates will see to it that your gear is safely brought on board the vessel, that your equipment is assembled properly, and that excess baggage is stowed away securely. Prior to departure, you can expect the Captain to deliver a detailed brief to familiarize you with all the amenities on board the Scubatyme vessel. On arrival at the dive site, you’ll receive information about the dive, including the history of the reef or wreck, diving conditions and maximum dive times. Between dives, we will offer you complimentary snacks and refreshments for a relaxing break; in the meanwhile, If you like it, we will change over your tank. Please don’t shy around, we will be happy to help you. On arrival at the dock, the crew will help you disembark with your gear. It’s a great way to spend the day.