Staff Instructors

Our staff are top notch instructors who can help you become certified for your next diving adventure.


Dennis Gillespie

Hi, I’m Captain Dennis enjoying paradise here in Pompano Beach, Florida. My favorite dive site is the Ancient Mariner wreck. While diving, I enjoy watching damsel fish as they protect their space.  But blackened grouper is also one of my favorite marine animals.
TDI Technical Diving Instructor, Treasure Hunter, Snowboarder, Enigma

Jimmy Gadomski

Captain Jimmy is a man of few words and many talents. When not driving Scubatyme, avid tech diver, snowboarder, and treasure hunter Jimmy can be found scooting around wrecks in Pompano or caves in Mexico. He is our resident TDI Technical Diving Instructor Extraordinaire.
Diving Instructor & Octopus Enthusiast

Eric Jansen

Eric is from Stuart Fl and has been cave diving and technical diving for a couple years.  His favorite wreck is the Lady Luck and his favorite marine animal is the octopus 🐙 When Eric isn’t diving on Scubatyme you can catch him at the caves in north FL or Mexico.

Diving Instructor & Mediocre Sand Artist


Nick, originally from Kentucky, learned to dive at a young age and never looked back. While underwater, he can be found talking to fish and drawing pictures in the sand.
Captain & Sandal Enthusiast


A Florida native, Captain Erik is never without his sandals and a smile. His favorite dive site is The SS Copenhagen and it is his life goal to dive with a deep sea kraken.
Deckhand & Fresh Gill


Josh is the newest member of the Scubatyme family. While working towards his dive master certification, deckhand Josh, aka Cabana Boy, is eager to help in and out of the water. His favorite dive site is the Okinawa.
SSI Assistant Instructor Trainer - SDI Scuba Instructor

Taylor Cardoza

Native of Fort Pierce, FL. Graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelors’s Degree in Marine Biology. Favorite Dive: Anytime she sees a turtle or octopus.
Owner & Possibly Part Fish


Owner and Pennsylvania native, Zach learned how to dive on Scubatyme in 2010, before becoming the owner in 2020. While he loves deep wreck dives, he is happiest kicking as fast as he can on any reef dive. Seriously if you dive a reef with him, take one of his fins away!

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